Camp Southern Ground
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Camp Southern Ground

Zac Brown, the country music artist of the Zac Brown Band, is giving back to his community by creating a youth camp called Camp Southern Ground.


Zac believes that a positive camp experience can transform the lives of children from all backgrounds. The camp provides life skills programs that teach a healthy life style, therapy practices, and educational activities for children, with a focus on those with neurobehavioral disorders, such as Tourette syndrome and ADHD. One of the first things needed was housing for campers.


Word of the quality of CAMSS Shelters had spread in the area. Camp Southern Ground’s COO and CFO, Drake Bivins, called into CAMSS saying he was recommended by a local church camp that used CAMSS shelters, and loved them. After discussion of the CAMSS shelter best suited to meet the camp needs, the CAMSS 20Q Small Shelter System was chosen.

CAMSS 20Q Small Shelter System

The CAMSS 20Q Shelter was the ideal solution for Camp Southern Ground’s needs.


Despite a short delivery timeframe, the CAMSS 20Qs were on schedule. CAMSS provided over the phone support and CAMSS 20Q Shelters were successfully setup for the camp season.

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