Q Series – Quonset Shelters

Our Quonset shelters are one of our most popular shelter choices due to their easy set up. Plus, you can customize your Q Series military shelter order to your exact specifications. You can select the color, the type of lighting you want, your desired flooring options, and any accessories you might need like an ECU, side doors, and more. As the workhorse of many forward operating bases such as the Air Force’s Bear base program the small shelter system and medium shelter systems have been used everywhere from Alaska to Afghanistan.


Stronger than the proven CAMSS 20Q and fits more people in a similar amount of square feet.

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The CAMSS 20Q Small Shelter System is highly durable, has been tested extensively in lab settings, and continues to prove itself in the field as the premier shelter system. It has been deployed in forward operating bases for thousands of troops.

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The official medium shelter system of the U.S. Air Force with nearly 5 million sq. ft. deployed worldwide. The California medium shelter system has large doors capable of taking in vehicles for maintenance.

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