Military Medical Shelter and Field Hospital Packages

Our military medical shelter packages feature some of our most popular military shelter systems. Our field hospital packages are capable of withstanding whatever nature throws at it. Alone, these shelters make excellent military clinics; however, they are highly configurable and can be set up in various arrangements to create an entire field hospital if necessary. These hospital tents can be easily transported, broken down, and set up.

Medical Package

In response to the medical need in the field, CAMSS Shelters introduces our new Medical Package that includes our Non-Tactical ECU and the rapid CAMSS 20QE Shelter System.

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Medical Cargo Trailer

A new essential addition to CAMSS Medical Packages, the Medical Cargo Trailer. Be ready wherever disaster strikes with a quick-setup shelter, generator, and environmental control unit all in one mobile package.

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20EX Medical

The CAMSS 20EX straight vertical sidewalls and 20ft wide interior makes it ideal for military clinics and military hospital tents. With more vertical space as a result of the straight sidewalls, these are our most popular military medical shelters.

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20Q Medical

The CAMSS 20Q Medical utilizes the familiar 20Q Small Shelter System which is used by troops all over the world. Making it convenient to integrate an army clinic into existing base camps or create a full field hospital system.

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