DFAC and Field Kitchen Packages

If you’re looking to provide your base camp with integrated kitchen and dining facilities, then consider our field kitchen shelter packages. Our shelter systems can withstand all types of weather conditions with ease and can be set up rapidly by a trained crew. Our field kitchen packages can be transported easily and provide you with the dining facilities you need for feeding hundreds of military personnel.


The CAMSS KSS is an integrated complex of shelters designed to provide a dining facility for 550 to 1100 personnel.

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The CDK Shelter provides maximum portability while remaining a complete durable system that is quick to assemble on to your existing CDK (Containerized Deployment Kitchen). This CDK makes for an excellent temporary field kitchen until more extensive dining facilities can arrive at your base camp.

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The CAMSS 20EX ESPEK provides room for service line areas and a dining facility with necessary electrical, piping, and ventilation pass-through options.

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