• Four CAMSS 20EX40 Shelter Systems
  • Two Corridors for Connecting Shelters
  • Four Vestibules for Controled Entry Ways
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The CAMSS KSS is an integrated system of shelters designed to provide a dining facility for 550 to 1100 personnel. The CAMSS KSS was developed in cooperation with U.S. Army Natick Laboratories, U.S. Air Force Services, Air Combat Command, and Holloman AFB. This kitchen system provides a more compact, yet more functional kitchen dining facility with greater usable space.

The CAMSS KSS may be ordered in three different ways. The KSS I+F (Initial and Follow-on) is designed to support 1100 personnel. The KSS I+F comes with 4 CAMSS 20EX40 shelters, 4 vestibules, and 2 corridors that connect the four shelters. Alternatively, the I and F sections can be ordered independently. The KSS-I (Initial), which can support 550 personnel, comes with two (2) CAMSS 20EX40 shelters and two (2) vestibules for the entrances. The CAMSS KSS-F (Follow-on) is usually purchased as an add-on kit as it allows support for an additional 550 personnel using two (2) CAMSS 20EX40 shelters, 2 vestibules, and 2 corridors that are meant to connect the KSS-F to the KSS-I.