NSN–Standard Configuration: 8340-01-568-9886 (Tan)

NSN–Standard Configuration: 8340-01-568-9891 (Green)

  • Straight Sidewalls Allow for a Fully-Usable Space
  • 20’ Width x 32’ Length x 10’ Height
  • Fully Tested by U.S. Government and Independent Labs
  • Highly Versatile Shelter Perfect for Camps
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One of the most widely used shelters of the EX Series is the CAMSS 20EX Shelter System. Its straight vertical sidewalls and 20ft wide interior makes it ideal for many  applications. Unlike curved or slanted sidewalls, the straight sidewalls allow for equipment and furniture to be placed adjacent to the walls, maximizing the available space. This makes the CAMSS 20EX Shelter System the preferred choice for hospitals, kitchens, and other applications requiring tall sidewalls.
The 20EX Shelters proved to be a success at the Balad Hospital, the largest military field hospital in the world. Read about the Balad Hospital success story…