Portable Military Shelter Systems

It is the mission of CAMSS Shelters to design, engineer and manufacture the best portable military shelters and structures in the world. Whatever your field, wherever your location, our compact, all-weather, mobile shelter systems have the strength and durability to make your mission a success. These portable military shelters are easy to transport and can be set up by a trained crew in a relatively short time frame.
THE SUPPORT EQUIPMENT YOU NEEDFrom lighting and flooring accessories to power distribution systems and energy savings equipment, CAMSS Shelters has all the Shelter accessories to help you succeed in your mission.Explore ›
REDUCE ENERGY USAGE AND SAVEThe CAMSS SolarFly energy savings accessory helps keep you cooler and significantly reduces the workload of your ECU.Learn More ›
The Official U.S. Air Force Medium Shelter SystemThousands Deployed Across the GlobeLEARN MORE ›
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Case Study

United States Army Heavy Vehicle Repair

The U.S. Army worked with a key provider in national security technologies to provide heavy vehicle support in the extreme conditions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Case Study

Manufacturas Delmyp

A new gas pipe line under construction between Columbia and Peru needed shelters to provide safety and security.

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Case Study

Camp Southern Ground

Zac Brown, the country music artist of the Zac Brown Band, is giving back to his community by creating a youth camp called Camp Southern Ground.

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