Medical Shelter Systems

Our Medical Shelter Systems can withstand any harsh elements thrown at them. We have tested them extensively in artificial laboratory settings and in the field. Our medical tents are portable, can be set up quickly, and can be used for emergency care, triage, decontamination, and more.

Medical Cargo Trailer

A new essential addition to CAMSS Medical Packages, the Medical Cargo Trailer. Be prepared wherever disaster strikes with a quick-setup shelter, generator, and environmental control unit all in one mobile package.

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Our most versatile medical shelter system, the 20EX is used in several of our packages and has been thoroughly tested in a lab setting and real-world conditions. Due to its straight side walls, the 20EX allow furniture and fixtures to be placed against the wall for maximum usage of space.

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20EX Medical

The CAMSS 20EX straight vertical sidewalls and wide entrances makes it ideal for army clinics and hospitals.

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The 20Q Small Shelter System is often used in the field as a medical shelter for those who prefer the Quonset shape.

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20Q Medical

The CAMSS 20Q Medical shelter utilizes the familiar 20Q Small Shelter System which is used by troops all over the world. This makes it convenient to integrate a clinic into existing base camps.

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