Military UAV Shelter Systems

CAMSS Shelters spends significant time ensuring that our UAV shelter systems are of the highest quality. Our shelters are tested extensively in a laboratory and in the field to ensure that they exceed the needs of the modern military. We have large vehicle maintenance and UAV shelters systems that provide proper storage for your most sensitive and valuable equipment.


Trust your UAV to stay protected with the CAMSS 20Q UAV shelter package. Ideal for UAVs with wingspans of 13′ or less, this UAV storage shelter can be set up within 30 minutes by a trained crew of four.

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Designed for fixed-wing UAVs with a wingspan of 24′ or less. The CAMSS 30EX UAV package is designed to be a UAV shelter with space for combined uses. This allows you to store multiple UAVs or to include maintenance and office areas.

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