Kitchen and Dining Facility Shelters

The featured shelter systems are versatile enough to be utilized as DFAC shelters. Featuring large square footage and straight walls, they provide plenty of space to adequately serve as a kitchen and dining facility shelter for your personnel. We also have some larger deployable shelters specifically designed as dining and mess halls.


Our most versatile shelter due to its straight side walls, the 20EX is used in several of our packages and has been thoroughly tested.

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The CAMSS KSS is an integrated complex of shelters designed to provide a dining facility for 550 to 1100 personnel.

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The CDK Shelter provides maximum portability while remaining a complete durable system that is quick to assemble on to your existing CDK (Containerized Deployment Kitchen).

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The CAMSS 20EX ESPEK provides room for service line areas and a dining area with necessary electrical, piping, and ventilation pass-through options.

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The official medium shelter system of the U.S. Air Force with nearly 5 million sq. ft. deployed worldwide is versatile in its usage, including kitchens and dining halls.

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Large personnel shelter great for larger scale billeting or command post solutions.

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