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Manufacturas Delmyp

A new gas pipe line under construction between Columbia and Peru needed shelters to provide safety and security.


The pipe line traverses very rugged and remote jungle and mountainous regions. Terrorist groups operate in some of these remote locations. Security is necessary to assure the safety of construction workers. How to provide security in close proximity to the continuing construction?


Compact, portable, easy to transport, fast to set up, rugged CAMSS 16Q39 shelter systems met the challenge of providing secure base camps for military personnel to provide pipeline security. The CAMSS 16Q39 shelters are ideal as they may be transported by truck, helicopter, or small plane to these remote locations. Local personnel may set a shelter up in under 30 minutes. Shelters include extreme temperature kits, lighting, and power outlets. These shelters may be moved repeatedly as the project progresses. Ruggedized portable ECUs provide cooling and heating in locations that range from wet humid jungle to mountainous cold environments.

CAMSS 16Q Shelter System

The compactness and durability of the 16Q Shelter System made it ideal for the remote locations of South America and the perfect solution for Manufacturas Delmyp.


The CAMSS 16Q39 shelter systems are on site in VRAEM, Peru providing pleasant living space through inclement weather.

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