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Balad Hospital

CAMSS Shelters was a major partner in the complete renovation of Balad Hospital, the largest military field hospital in the world.


The Balad Theater Hospital was in extreme need of renovation at a time when it was heavily relied on for critical care.


Air Force Personnel and CAMSS worked closely together to ensure the hospital was able to provide continuous care while the massive transformation of 35,000 square feet took place. The team had to keep it running 24/7; Balad Hospital was a place that saw as much trauma in a day as every Emergency Room in the U.S. combined saw over the course of a year. In order to accomplish that, the older shelters were removed and replaced with the CAMSS 20EX Shelter Systems in a rotating manner, with anyone that could help in this undertaking lending a hand. CAMSS was there to provide everything the hospital required, from enhanced vector proofing to creating an environment conducive of high quality healthcare, where patients were afforded treatment in a comfortable and clean open space.

 Before and After - Balad Case Study

CAMSS 20EX Shelter System

The shape and features of the CAMSS 20EX Shelter System drastically improved the Balad Hospital.


As soon as the CAMSS 20EX Shelters were in operation, numerous advantages became apparent.  The vertical sidewalls allowed for more useable space than the old arched or slanted sidewall tents, and provided more space and headroom for the medics to operate near the head of the bed.  This dramatically improved the facilities at Balad, creating a space for IV drips and monitors, as well as room for surgeons who had frequently bumped their heads on the previous system’s arches, liner and lighting.  CAMSS liner system also includes an attic space to allow hot air to flow out of the ends of the shelter to combat sweltering conditions and a tensioned fabric cover to help maintain comfortable interior working conditions.  The CAMSS 20EX Shelters also provide greater temperature control in any climate.

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