H3 Highway Cover
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H3 Highway Cover

A mobile construction cover to keep the project moving under heavy rainfall


The State of Hawaii needed a way to pour and set many miles of road surface to finish a major highway project connecting both sides of the island through the Ko'olau Mountain range. The highway is the largest public construction project ever taken on in Hawaiian history. The mountain range consistently received too much rainfall and prohibited the proper construction of the elevated concrete surface. The state needed a solution for a mobile shelter that covered the highway.


CAMSS's superior solution to the issue was to custom design and fabricate a shelter structure that mounts to the freeway's concrete edges. This solution took careful consideration as the highway is continually curving. The shelter easily moved along the curvature of the roadway while still providing full weather protection. The unique design allows the cover to protect 200' of the road surface for drying.


CAMSS custom shelter preformed the task of keeping the road surfacing dry and protected from the winds and rain during construction. The easily mobile shelter allowed construction to complete ahead of the timeline the State of Hawaii expected.

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