• 18’ Vertical Sidewalls Allow Height for Tall Vehicles with Antennas
  • 40’ Width x 58’ Length x 25’3” Height, 18’ Eaves
  • Vertical Lift Vehicle Doors – 30’ Width x 15’ Height
  • No Heavy Equipment Required for Setup
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Made for extreme environments and ease of setup, this shelter is more than large enough for your maintenance needs, yet does not require any heavy equipment to erect. The CAMSS 40EX58 has an innovative aluminum frame system that allows the building to be assembled in sections on the ground starting with the peak using just the mechanical lifts provided. The CAMSS 40EX58 comes with large 30ft wide by 15ft tall electric vertical lift doors or optional smaller swing-out doors. At such a large size, this shelter is surprisingly compact to ship where ever in the world and is 463L pallet compatible. The CAMSS 40EX58 became a consistent shelter of choice for maintenance in Afghanistan by the U.S. Army.